When I’m in your arms, you squeeze me tight. You’re the only one who does that just right; you make me feel safe, rid of my worries.

Worries that melt when you look into my eyes because your eyes are deeper than starry night skies. I could look forever and just get lost.

Lost in the feelings you’ve got my heart feeling. Bringing me to my knees I pray, as I’m kneeling, for my heart to be strong.

Strong in the fight that I know is love. As my heart breaks, He heals from above, which I knew He would do from the start.

The start of it all when I prayed for a sign, to show me which of the paths was mine and I took what I thought to be the right path.

The right path at that time and place cause in my heart I found a space that seemed within me to be growing.

Growing to make a gap where something else was missing. I thought it was for the one I’d been kissing but saw too late that I was wrong.

Wrong in the path and wrong in my thought. As I prayed for guidance that couldn’t be bought, my gap was being filled.

Filled by the one who’d been through it all. Filled by the one who helped me stand tall. Filled by the one who answered my call.

My call for strength. My call for hope. My call for love…

I wrote this last night. I was up late thinking. That’s what happens when he comes back. That’s what happens when I even see his name. I wish it would stop.


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