Rich Young Ruler

I’ve had some thoughts today. One of them was that I should share my thoughts on here more often. I want to turn this blog more into my writing blog and notebook of sorts rather than a daily diary of what’s going on in my life. I’ll still talk about what’s going on, but I just want to write more. Maybe I should check copyright stuff though!

In the teen class this morning we read about the rich young ruler. I’ve heard the story before and thought nothing of it. Today I actually listened to what I read. Part of me wishes I could just as Jesus what I’m lacking, so I can fix it, and know there is nothing between me and eternal life. Part of me wishes I could drop everything I have and follow Jesus. Can you imagine being an apostle? Seeing the miracles and hearing the parables right there in front of you? Having Jesus physically there as your best friend?

I have given my life to Jesus. I have made Him my best friend. I love Him with all my heart, and I pray that that love just grows stronger. I know in my heart that I want to live my life as God has intended me to, and glorify Him in all that I do. But how do I know that that’s enough?

After we read this Mr. Dave asked the usual, well does this mean we can’t have money, we can’t do anything, we need to sit at home and pray and read our bibles all the time? no. Well what doe sit mean then? God is numero uno. Well what if you want to play on this amazing soccer team and all the practices, all the games are on Sunday? You find another team! This isn’t a hard decision at all.

I surely am not a rich young ruler, and I am not perfect, but if I was told to give all my stuff to the poor and follow Jesus today, I can honestly say I would. I think that’s one thing I’ve really grown to understand and hold in my heart. Nothing comes between me and my God. I love my family, I love my friends, but ultimately I am here to live my life for God, share His love, and be with Him. God is number one on my list and I pray that He always stays there. I sometimes get frustrated that it’s so hard for people to get this. I mean I’m not perfect. I don’t go to church at every appointed time and every activity. I don’t read and pray as much as I should, but I surely would not pick soccer or anything else over church. I quit marching band because I wanted to go to more retreats and events. I don’t want a cookie, but this life is only temporary! This opens my eyes to how much Satan is the God of this world.

On a more worldly note, I did a fund raising coin toss today for volleyball. I was amused by the nature of my fellow Americans, and their anxiousness to leave the grocery store when they see me with a bucket in my hand. I don’t understand why people are so attached to the two dollars change they got after shopping. I wrote in article about it so I don’t have as much to say. I said it all already. The only thing I couldn’t talk about was how rude and annoying the Courier Times lately was at the store. Bashing the newspaper you’re writing for isn’t the best idea.

School starts Tuesday, and I’m not gonna lie…I can’t wait!

Summer told me that I should get my acceptance letter in the next month or so. I still check the mail every single day.

I had a nice conversation with Chris about OVU. It made me happy to think about home =]

The mosquitoes in this house are beginning to drive me insane.

Tomorrow is the last official day of summer I suppose. It doesn’t bother me much. My summer was over when I got home a month ago. The only hard part will be getting up at 6 or so and making my self look good for school.

I’ll be 18 in a month or so. Most people say they feel no change. I don’t feel any different, but I am noticing some changes.


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