Jesus is my homeboy?

So today in English class we were talking about heroes. Different names were thrown out there. People were discussing and questions were brought up. My class is a large one, and we all pretty much know each other, so we joke around a lot. The class was serious for the most part, until my friend Mark stated, “I think Jesus is a pretty cool guy.” Most of the class laughed. Mark was in fact being serious, he just happened to say it in a lighter way. Other religious figures were said as well, such as Mother Theresa. So why is it that when the hero of them all is said, it must be a joke? When I brought it up at lunch, some people said maybe it’s because Mark was serious but whoever said Mother Theresa wasn’t, and made other excuses for those who laughed. It shouldn’t matter if he were joking or not. I don’t know, this whole situation really bugged me.

We talked about what makes a person worth while. People said attitude, school, independence, and other things of this sort. What makes me worth while? morals, spirituality, personality. Why were none of these things said? Maybe it’s because there is no morality in this world anymore. I spoke to Summer yesterday. She’s reading a book about the Millennials, my generation. According to this book, we are a “wanted” generation, where as the X-ers, the prior generation, were not. We work as a team, we are others minded, we go to college, we care about shaping our lives, not just the here and now, and we are more moral than the X-ers. Most of the Truman population does not meet many of these statements, at least in my opinion. I don’t know if I hold my standards too high, or I don’t know enough of the population, but I’m just not seeing it.

I guess the X-ers must have been really immoral, because from what I’ve seen the bar can’t be very high, or we wouldn’t be beating it. Many MANY sexually active teens, language out the wazoo, disrespect to elders, and an I don’t care attitude is what I see and hear most about.

I don’t know. I guess the environment and people I’m around at school is only a small percentage of the Millennials generation. Maybe they’re more moral in NYC or LA. One can only hope, that there is a hope.

On the life side…
School is going very well. I am in all the classes I wanted to be except for one, which I don’t technically have a class for yet, but hopefully I will be in piano lab. I’m re-making old friends. I’m having fun.

Volleyball is going really well. Our group of girls works pretty well together, and have a generally good attitude. We won our game against CAP yesterday. We lost against Neshaminy today, but played really well. I had some good stuff happen. Mr.A gave me some good news. I’m pumped for the season in general, and thinking about my volleyball future.


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