The future freaks me out

So today in art class we brainstormed about the future. I never realized how much it bugs me until just then. I found myself becoming very pessimistic very quickly.

What do you see in the future? In the next 100 years, what will transportation be like? how will food change? what will be different about people?

My ears opened to a slew of answers from my peers. As they brainstormed and put their ideas on paper, I heard them discuss. Robots are going to do everything. Our thumbs are going to get longer. Towns are going to float in the sky. Aliens are going to come to earth.

I don’t like to think about the future, because I know that we aren’t guaranteed anything. Tomorrow is not a definite. Don’t get me wrong, I have plans for my own future. I’m going to college in the fall and I cannot wait. I want a husband and a family some day. I want to travel all over the world. There are a lot of things I want to do in my lifetime, but I prefer to live in the moment.

It bugs me when people talk about things like pigs flying, aliens coming, or the ozone disappearing. I think they have every right to have an imagination and think what they want, but I also think it can be a waste of time. If these things haven’t happened in the past hundred years, why would they happen in these hundred years? Realistically I think that things are simply going to stay the same. I think that people will always want more money and more power. I believe everyone is on their own pursuit of happiness. Whether or not we reach our goals, we’re all going to die. After that it all depends on what you believe.

I believe that scientists could have easily had cures for many diseases by now, but the drug companies make more money selling the drugs that keep those people alive then they would off of a cure, so they will not fund the research. Drug companies care more about making money than saving people’s lives.

I believe that a car could be made that runs on anything but gas. In the 70’s the world was scared that we would run out of gas. People today talk about the gas shortage and how it is going to cause war. We all know how much gas prices have gone up. I think that a car has already been invented that can run on water, but the gas companies bought the idea and squashed it because it would kill their business. There are hybrid cars that run on ethanol but where do you see an ethanol station? Gas companies would rather charge an arm and a leg for a gallon of gas than allow other options.

I believe that a man named Jesus Christ came to this earth, lived, and died to give us a better way. I believe that this world is going to end someday. It is going to be destroyed and so are all the people that are left on it. I believe that after we die there is going to be a heaven and there is going to be a hell. I believe that we are all here for a reason, and that reason is not to make money and get ahead. I believe we are here to love one another, and to share the word of God.

I think it would be cool if pigs flew. I think it’s possible for the ozone layer to be destroyed. I do have an imagination, I promise, but I use it for what I see as better things. I like to think of a generation that changes the world one person at a time. I think we need to stop worrying about technology and making money, and start caring about our neighbor. The world has taken the survival of the fittest theory right into the office. People walk all over each other to get themselves higher on the ladder.

I believe that our generation cares about each other, but that’s not cool so they don’t act upon their feelings. I believe that we can change the world, but we’re too scared. It’s time to step up and make this world a place that we love and believe in. It starts with you. Do something for someone else and see what happens.

I know that just as much as I disagree with those in my art class who believe in aliens, and flying pigs, and all that jazz, people disagree with me. I know that this is mostly a rant on my feelings, but you chose to read it, so something interested you. I know that some may find parts of this article hypocritical, but I’m not saying anyone has to believe what I believe, or do what I say. I’m just asking you to think. Think about what’s important to you, and what you want out of life. Think about your future and if you want it to include aliens and robots, or peace and love.


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