Fill the world.

Creepy caterpillar, climbing up a tree, he wiggles long, he wiggles short, he wiggles back at me. I put him in a box, don’t go away I said! but when I opened up that box, a butterfly instead. I could never make one, even if I tried, for only God in heaven, can make a butterfly!

That’s a cute little song I learned during VBS at some point in my childhood, or maybe I just heard it from my mom in sunday school, but I’ve always loved it. Today I was thinking about faith and how it seems we do the same thing with our faith that we do with our caterpillars.

How often do we put God, and our faith in a box? You stay here with these nicely defined edges and straight black and white lines and I’ll just come check on you when I want you or I need a friend. We like God to have limits and we want to know what those limits are and understand everything. We want to keep him in a box so we know where he is at all times and that he’s not going to go anywhere.

I would love to see what would happen if we all opened our boxes and let God out. Can we uncage the lion? Let God roam free and do things that are beyond our understanding. Let God be bigger than your bedside box. Just because we can’t understand it or don’t know how it works, doesn’t mean God couldn’t or didn’t do it. We don’t have to always understand. We’re not going to always understand. But we have to let the unknown be liberating and embrace it. We can’t let it terrify us and run us into a corner.

Only God can turn our faith caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. Let him mold and shape you. Be courageous and let go of the caterpillar so that you can get something so much greater. Each of our butterflies are different. They have different colors and sizes and patterns. Embrace the differences. See the beauty. They’re all different, but they’re all butterflies. Butterflies made and grown and tested and loved by the same God. If we keep our faith in a box, we are not giving it room to continue to grow. Let it free. Let’s fill the world with beautiful butterflies.


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