Crazy Beautiful

Last night I walked out of Walmart, in a fairly chipper mood, definitely thankful for God and the things He’s doing in my life and just kind of happy to be alive. I looked up and there was a bright full rainbow in the sky. It was kind of weird because it was kind of late at night, like 7. I had never seen a rainbow that late at night. The other cool thing was that the sky was pretty cloudy and it wasn’t really blue but rather orange, because as I found when I turned around, the sun was setting. So on one side there was a crazy beautiful rainbow and on the other, a crazy beautiful sunset full of vibrant oranges, pinks, reds, and purples. Needless to say, I was in awe of God.

Today I finished a book called Fall to Grace by Jay Bakker. It was a crazy beautiful book. Obviously it was about grace, which isn’t something I’ve really thought about a whole lot, and frankly I’ve taken for granted. This book really made me think about it and it made me want to get out my bible and see what grace really is all about. Is this guy for real? because if he is, that’s a God I want to know. That’s a God I want to tell my friends about. That’s the God I’ve been looking for. There were a handful of things in the book that I didn’t care for so much, and towards the end he really pulled out one particular topic in which he sees grace to be necessary and that kind of bugged me because it wasn’t really needed. As a whole though, the book was great and exactly what I needed to read right now.

I’ve begun an adventure. I’m soul searching. I’m diving into some ideas that have been swirling around in my head and I want to pin them down. I want to make them concrete and be confident in them.

Last night’s sky pictures were crazy beautiful. Those are the best words to describe it. Sometimes God just touches. He speaks. He says, “I’m right here, with you always.” When I think about it He does that a lot. He does it through some other things in my life that are crazy beautiful…

Friends who love me and encourage me to be the best version of myself, push me to be better… They are crazy beautiful. Each and every one of them, of you…

Crazy Beautiful.
The innocent laughter of my niece as she falls to her face and drops her cookie…
Crazy Beautiful.
A conversation about anything and everything between a mother and a daughter… Organic and healing…
Crazy Beautiful.
Shoes and shirts. Glasses and bracelets. People who come up with ideas to provide for those who are in need. People who give a voice to those who cannot speak up…
Crazy Beautiful.
A man crucified on a cross, the penalty of sins that he did not commit… Love unconditional, pure, and perfect… Grace unending…
Crazy. Beautiful.

Tonight I am thankful for so much. I am blessed and I pray that I can embrace grace and serve. I pray that it changes me from the inside out.

Peace, blessings, and amazing grace be with you.


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