Death and New Life.

There’s a chill in the air and in my bones.
Leaves fall from the trees, lay among the stones.
They’re dying but you can’t tell.
From the beautiful colors, they look well.
Everything falls apart as the seasons change.
All different, yet all the same.
A cycle of death and resurrection,
Leads life in a new direction.
Love is present through it all.
Hope rising, even in the fall.

There’s something about this season, about fall, that makes my heart glad. The cold makes me appreciate my comforter and my unnecessary six pillows on my bed. It makes me appreciate my kitty and his warm coat that I can cuddle up with. The cold air feels refreshing in my lungs. Something about a cool breeze and a deep breath in tells me that everything is going to be okay. The beauty of fall makes me stop and stare. 

When I think about it, that may be contrary to what most other people think of and feel in the fall. Fall is a time when most of nature is dying and preparing for the coldest time of year. Animals stock up on food and hide. Leaves fall and all other kinds of plants die. The ground gets hard. It gets dark earlier. 

Some people get depressed in the fall and winter. I find hope.

If God can find a way for animals and plants to survive through their coldest and darkest time, of course he will do the same for me. If the leaves fall off the trees so their limbs can be coated in a beautiful blanket of white, then maybe God is doing the same with me. He’s stripping away the old, to bring in the new. He is making me new. 


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