A Break in the Clouds

Standing outside in the cold. Bundled up, coat zipped. Hands in the pockets pushed as far in as possible to keep any breeze from seeping in the cracks. Moccasins on feet. Short breaths.

When we are out in the cold, it’s really hard to not focus on getting and staying as warm as possible. When you’re hit with it head on, literally, you can’t turn your eye from the cold. It’s right in front of you and it’s all you feel.

Sometimes the cold is so breathtaking that in those moments you forget that warmth even exists. The cold is all you can know in those moments and you don’t even think about what you’re doing but your instincts kick in to find the warmth.

Then it happens. The breeze pauses for a moment in perfect time for the rays of sunlight to break through the clouds and hit your face with the momentarily forgotten hope of warmth. It exists. There’s no better feeling then that.

What’s your cold? What is the thing that is all you can think about? What situation do you feel stuck in and momentarily unable to see the hope?

Some times our “cold” lasts all winter and the sun doesn’t shine at all. Sometimes the sun is shining but we are still stuck on the cold. But the good news is, it exists. He exists.


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