On Friday A Thief

If you’ve seen the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, you’re gonna know where I’m coming from for a second. If you haven’t you’ll be lost a minute but don’t worry, it will all make sense in the end.

The first time I saw Jesus Christ Superstar live, I just about bawled. For an hour you get wrapped up in the lives of these characters and you fall in love with Jesus. You fall in love with a character that you can see up on the stage, who is funny and real and has feelings.

Somehow it’s easy for us to fall in love with characters, in movies, plays, TV shows. I, for one, get completely over emotionally attached to characters in TV shows. I get wrapped up in it all like it’s another world and I live there. I talk about the characters and their stories like it’s my life, like they’re real. It’s so easy, but when it comes to getting to know Jesus, the real one, through the bible, it’s really difficult.

Even when I think hard about what happened to Jesus, that it really happened and how, I can’t quite grasp it. I don’t understand how people could be around him and know him and then crucify him. They knew him and they loved him but they stuck him on a cross and placed him between two thieves. He made himself nothing, coming down to earth and taking on the role of a man, and in a matter of days, we killed him. I can’t grasp that. I don’t understand how it could happen or why.

Think of your best friend. Think of the person who knows all of your secrets. Think of the one who holds you when you cry and rolls around with you when you laugh. Remember all the best times you have together and why you love them. Remember why they’re you’re best friend. Think of all the things they’ve taught you and all the grace they’ve shown you. Think of the times you have fought and made up. Think of the time that you were most mad at them. Even then, can you imagine killing them? Can you imagine giving them over to be laughed at, spat on, and nailed to a cross?

I can’t.

But I did and so did you.


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