Run Free

On this cool summer day, I think of the beautiful rain last night and the cool air it brought through this amazing city. I watched the rain pour down through the window last night. It took everything in me to not run out in that rain and just dance. The unrelenting, unchangeable, unpredictable power of the elements always brings me closer to God. You can’t deny His presence when the rain hits your face or the wind blows on through.

I want to run free
in fields of His love and grace
bask in that ocean
that’s beyond the constraints of
time and space
I want to waste away
in the presence of God
coming back with a tan
my skin changed by the
brightness of the Son of God
my heart of clay transformed
by the potter
who has the steadiest hands
hands covered in faithfulness
and filled with love

Some days I want to just sit and imagine what it would be like to have nothing to do, no responsibility, no desires, no needs, aside from basking in the glory of God. How would it feel to run free in a field with the sun shining on me and the grass tickling my bare feet. What does that do to the heart of a lonely and lost sinner? How does that change the way they see life?

I hope there’s sunshine and rain in heaven.

I have to imagine what that would be like, because I’ve never experienced it. I’ve never run free in a field spending all day with Daddy. I want to. I really, really want to. For some reason I just don’t know how.

Do you know how? Will you help show me? Can you tell me how you get there?


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