about staying on, or maybe straying the path

I was on campus yesterday walking home from a productive time spent sharing, writing, and generally getting stuff done. As I was walking, I realized all the paths that are provided. I also realized my conscious fighting of the urge to cut across the grass to get to my car instead of staying on the path.

There are many different paths that can lead to the same destination. There are definitely options to take long ways or shorter ways. You can cut through buildings or walk around them. You can cut across the grass and sometimes you can even see where that was the frequently chosen path rather than the path provided.

Nonetheless, the path is there for a reason.

Sometimes, I’m rushing. Often, I’m rushing. I drive fast, faster than I should. I roll through stop signs. I cut through “Authorized Personnel Only” hallways in the mall while I’m on my breaks. I cut across the grass when there is a nice path provided. I use the microwave when the oven would usually provide a better outcome.

Sometimes, I have reason to rush. Often, I don’t. I sleep in a lot. I wait until the last possible minute to get out of bed and that’s usually the reason for the rush. I can’t justify that. I only get an hour break for meals to walk to a crowded food court and grab dinner. I guess that’s a good reason to rush, to take short cuts. Most of the time though, I just forget to enjoy the little things, to take a second to breathe, to truly embrace the beauty of creation.

I worked in a city for six months, Philadelphia. Being in the city is what helped to form these habits of rushing. It seemed like everyone had somewhere to be at that exact moment. No one strolled in the train station. You ran. If you didn’t run, you got knocked over. It’s just a mindset. It really did take me a while to acknowledge that the pace of my walk was quite unnecessary and I could slow down and enjoy the scenery, especially when I came south.

In the city, everything was a path. There were rarely gardens meant for viewing purposes. There were small square foot areas with a tree in the sidewalk but nothing larger. The only difference between the sidewalk and the street was that it rose at the curb to separate the two. Crosswalks were rarely used. The environment adapted to it’s purposes I suppose.

Still though, the paths are there for a reason.

I decided to stay on the path on the way to my car. I decided that maybe there would be something cool I would miss if I took the short cut. I decided that I should take the time to enjoy the weather and take my time because I may not have tomorrow.

Here’s to the path and all of the thought it provokes.


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