maybe the assembly needs to be forsaken

I believe that breaking bread on a weekly basis with a spiritual mentor is more pleasing to God than passing around a plate of bread on Sunday mornings will ever be.

Because the focus is not on the bread and the wine, but rather on relationship and remembrance.

I believe that daily fellowship with brothers and sisters, the lost and the found, in the cafeteria or Starbucks, the work place or the living room, is more pleasing to God than every possible hour punched in on the church attendance card will ever be.

Because it’s not about the time or the place , but about enjoying God’s people.

I believe that a handful of friends sitting around a living room singing praises to God from the bottom of their hearts at the top of their lungs in clashing unison is more pleasing to God than all four verses of blue skies and rainbows sung in perfect a cappella harmony without too much emotion, clapping or raised hands will ever be.

Because the point isn’t how, it’s why: worship.

I believe that the joy of the Lord can be seen, felt, and heard when it is experienced. I believe that the Holy Spirit moves people to do radical things that appear radical to anyone who witnesses, not just those outside. I believe that the love of Christ in the heart of a believer brings about automatic and instant transformation not just slight and gradual growth over time. I believe that people of the world should see believers and think they are crazy or drunk because we are so in love with our Savior and what He did for us that we can’t shut up about it and we look like smiling fools.

Because the Holy Spirit is real. He is moving, or at least trying to move within His people. Don’t put Him in a box or constrain what He is capable of doing in your life. Let Him run free in the fields of your life.

I believe that in “forsaking the assembly” I have seen and heard God more clearly than ever.

Because there’s no point in the assembly if we’re just doing the assembly for sake of the assembly. Because believers have become so accustomed to doing church instead of being the church that maybe in attending the very assembly God created for us, we are forsaking God. Because I find God in my daily life more than I find Him sitting in a pew on Sunday morning. Because it’s possible to make your religion your idol instead of God being your God.

I believe that God is bigger than buildings and creeds, titles and books, assemblies and podcasts.

Because we focus on these things and lose sight of Him. Because we get lost in everything but God and start making Him into what we want Him to be instead of WHO He actually is.

I believe that God is living, breathing, and begging to move through His people.

I believe that these are all truths that God has spoken into my life.

I believe that if this has offended you, then God is revealing your heart.

I believe that those who seek, will find.

I believe that the Spirit of the Lord brings freedom.

Seek today. Experience the Spirit. Enjoy freedom.


2 thoughts on “maybe the assembly needs to be forsaken”

    1. @laurenc129 Thank you so much for your kind words. It means the world to know that people even read my writing let alone enjoy it, so thank you.

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