This is Real Life

Last night when I was in worship my eyes were opened to the power, the beauty and the truth of the lyrics from the song “Abba, I belong to you” that say

“Your thoughts define me. You’re inside me. You’re my reality.”

I’ve been rolling through what my identity is in Christ. For a long time I’ve let other people define me and even worse, I’ve tried to define myself. That was all a set up for failure. People don’t know everything about me, so how can they say who I am? They can say who they see me as, or who they think I should be, or maybe even who I could be. I know who I am for the most part, right? The past that got me to where I am now, the desires, the thoughts, the fears that are nestled deep within my being, and many other aspects of myself that could in one way or another define me. In some ways, I guess I heard or knew things about myself, but that doesn’t define who I actually am.

Who does God say that I am? Who does God say that you are? My daughter. My beloved. My bride. My gem. I am co-heir with Christ. I am a reflection of God. I am complete. I am free. I am made new. I am loved eternally. I am in the palm of His hand. I am not condemned. I am seated in heavenly places. I am redeemed. I am chosen. I am dearly loved. I am forgiven.

And so are you.

His thoughts define us. He’s in side of us. He’s our reality.

Let God move those truths from your head to your heart. Ask Him to move them, so you can believe them and you can live your life like they’re true.

Stop letting people decide who you are. You don’t need their approval. They didn’t create you. They didn’t call you to change the world. God did. He gets to say who you are. Being who you think other people want you to be is a jacked up view anyway. If you would just be you, then you would be exactly who God created you to be and that’s usually what people wanted all along.

Stop thinking your past determines your future. You are not your past. You are not your present either. You are whole and complete just the way you are. You are everything you are supposed to be right now. You don’t have to get rid of your junk. You don’t have to work your way through anything. You don’t have to earn your right. That was all bought, paid, and done away with when Christ shed His blood on the cross. Let it all go and step into the identity Christ has given you. It’s better than anything you or anyone else put together for yourself.

Yes He is that good. No this is not a joke. Yes this is real life. Accept it.


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