We all get poop on our hands…

sometimes. Come on. Tell me you haven’t. We all get poop on our hands sometimes. It’s really not a big deal. You just go wash your hands and the problem is solved.

If we sit there and look at the poop and talk about it, or cry about it, or just think about how we could get rid of it, that may be a problem. But nobody does that, do they?

Sometimes we get poop on our hand and don’t even know. That’s a real problem because then we touch our face and get pink eye or get poop particles on other people’s stuff. Nobody wants your poop on their stuff.

There are kids that don’t know getting poop on your hand isn’t good. They do it on purpose. They put their hand in their diaper, get some poop on their finger, walk up to you on the playground and hold it up in your face like it’s a nice gift. They have a skewed understanding of the value of poop. Or do they?

Lesson: wash your hands.


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