Day One | I’m not the only one

Yesterday one of my best friends challenged me with the question, “why don’t you commit to writing 10 minutes every day?”

Is it the plight of every writer to work through the seasons of life, digging yourself out of your head enough to spit words out? Writing is like breathing for me and yet I go weeks at a time without getting any of the words out of my head. That’s not healthy. There’s just this sea of potential spinning around up there. It could literally drive a person crazy. Sometimes it does.

I think I’m on a dream kick. The friend started it. She asked me what my dreams were. That’s a loaded question. For me, I don’t know where to begin. I’m a dreamer. I want to do and be and experience many things.

Then she asked me if I thought it was possible for someone to not have dreams. Unfortunately, my answer was yes. We live in a culture that doesn’t cultivate dreaming. We create carbon copies and put people in boxes and give kids cookie cutters for life.

I watched a TED talk recently that resonated with every bone in my body, bringing realization like a wave of electricity, quick and shocking. Emilie Wapnick talks about a tribe of people she calls “multipotentialites” but it all starts with the well known phrase “what do you want to be when you grow up?” We ask kids that question all the time and it is an invitation to see big and dream big. As time goes on, the question takes on new life and heavier weight. It becomes less of an invitation and more of a lasso.

Thankfully, I’ve been blessed to be a part of communities that encourage dreaming and big dreaming. I’ve picked up friends along the way who dream with me and pull me out of my ruts when I’m not doing anything to bring those dreams to fruition.

I have lots of dreams and they don’t all fit into one box. I refuse to let those dreams go. Sometimes we have to sit on our dreams, keep them warm and cozy so they can grow and hatch. Sometimes our dreams are like a roller coaster ride where everything is happening so fast that all you can do is hold on tight and scream about the goodness. I’m somewhere in between, a season of preparation, where sometimes I just have to speak my dreams so they stay alive but there’s a fire in my belly that knows the more will be here before I know it.

Whatever the status of your dreams, keep them alive. Speak them out loud. Tell a friend who can hold you accountable. Just don’t settle cause life is too short to be a robot.

And here’s a sea of empowering, encouraging, dream quotes to plaster everywhere and keep you dreaming…


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