Grace For the Work in Progress 

 A couple months ago my best friend bought a house and I moved in with her. It’s a beautiful house in the country and everything in it is a little outdated. So, since we moved in, we’ve taken on home improvement projects room by room. You see, she has this way of seeing the beauty in the broken, the potential in everything she lays her eyes on. It’s a gift. Doing life with her has taught me to do the same. That’s why when she was looking for a house, a fixer upper was a must.

Well yesterday we started painting the living room. We spent the morning/afternoon at Lowe’s and got everything we needed including two gallons of Gossomer Sky and one Sheer Light. She was looking at paint colors and trying to find the right shade of blue. She knew what she wanted but had to get it just right. She asked me to pick out one, too. I conceded. When I had narrowed it down to two choices, I looked over to the ones she had in her hand and sure enough, they were the same colors. So I resigned and said, “You can just pick.” We both knew which color it was.

We got the first coat done last night, with space left around for the trim to still be done, backwards we know, but we had to see that color on the walls. I woke up this morning, started a pot of coffee and took a shower. I grabbed my cup of coffee and sat myself down on the couch to take it all in. 

This was my view out the window

Notice the unfinished in between on the interior to match the changing of seasons on the exterior. A work in progress. This made my heart smile. 

I’ve never been more thankful for the in betweens. Actually, I’ve previously hated the in betweens. But something about doing life with a best friend, a sister, making steps toward something bigger, makes you value the journey. I’m thankful for the time in between coats that allows me to slow down and take it all in. I’m thankful for unfinished edges and single coats that speak of what was and what will be all at once.

As I get older and maybe wiser, I’m learning to value every step of the process. There’s something beautiful about seeing a project through every stage and through to completion. I’m the type of person who always sees room for improvement and wants to make and do and be better. That will always be in my nature but in this season of life I’m also really loving the feeling of seeing something through to the end. I am taking pride in making this house a home and being involved in every nook and cranny of making it happen.

I want to feel this way about life. I want to be thankful in this time of preparation and exhaustion. I need to take in the moments and enjoy every step because I won’t get this time again. I don’t want to take it for granted. It’s so hard when you see the end goal. You want to be there. You want the big, the important, the life-changing. Guess what, this moment here and now is just as much all those things. It’s all building up to the dream come true. I need to have grace for myself in the progress and you should do.


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